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How to Pick the Right Color for Your New Shingles

Shingles have evolved throughout the years. They are no longer primarily used as a line of defense. Thanks to new designs, shingles are now taking center stage. This is big news for designers, but it’s not always easy for a homeowner to incorporate new shingles into an established design scheme. If you make one misstep, the design scheme will fail, and you’ll need to tweak the concept. 

If you want to take the leap successfully, this guide can help. Your journey will start with the basics.

All About Colors

In order to pick the best shingles, you must understand how color plays a role in the world of exterior design. Great design schemes have one thing in common. They create contrast with classic color combinations. The most commonly used color duo for modern homes is black and white. For this scheme, the shingles are black, and other parts of a home like the shutters are white. If you prefer another option, you could combine:

  • Dark gray shingles with white siding
  • Light gray shingles with dark siding
  • Brown shingles with white shutters
  • Dark brown shingles with light oak shutters

These strategies can help you jumpstart your success, but you could still make errors. However, the following guidelines should help you stay on track.

Success Tactics

Your neighborhood is a great place to conduct research. There are many homes in your community that have shingles, so go out and investigate. This is a practical way to study design concepts, trends, and color schemes. While you’re out and about, find ways to weigh different homes against one another. For example, if one house has light shingles and another has dark shingles, consider how each color is holding up in the current climate.

When you’re ready to proceed, be strategic with your color choice. If you need some ideas, you could acquire a brochure from a roofing company.

Once you have color in mind, ask the roofing company for large samples. When you get the samples, carefully examine each color outdoors. The right color will complement your home’s core design, and it will look fantastic in natural light.

Lift Off

If you’d like to start your journey, contact us today. We’ll help you rise to success.

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