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Top Rated LOCAL Roofers. Worry-Free Roof Warranty

Let Our Team help

Our team will get your roof back in order and get your damages covered. In fact, we recommend you contact us to inspect your roof and document the damage before getting in touch with your insurance company. We will help you build a case to support your claim!

The GAF Master Elite® Certified contractors at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems can identify storm damage from age or wear-related issues with your roof. We work quickly to document the damage so you have what you need when filing your claim.
We know getting your roof back to normal is your priority, but if you want to get your roof fixed under your insurance policy, let the professionals at Daniel Hood Roofing Systems be your first call. With evidence of the damage from our inspectors, we get your roof repairs covered and can fix your roof as soon as possible.

Need Help Filing Your Roof Insurance Claim?

Daniel Hood Roofing Systems Is Here to Help.

We know how stressful it is to have a leak or storm damage to your roof. Not only do you have to handle the problem, but you have to deal with the insurance company and arrange a new roof estimate. What can you do?

Flexibility For Your Needs

Daniel Hood Roofing Systems is known for responsiveness and clear communication with our customers. Your satisfaction comes first when you work with us, and our knowledgeable team is here to walk you through the entire roof insurance claim process. We also meet with your insurance adjuster to make the process as simple as possible. Our scheduling is flexible and we take the time to be there for you!