Top Rated LOCAL Roofers. Worry-Free Roof Warranty

Top Rated LOCAL Roofers. Worry-Free Roof Warranty

What Questions to Ask When Getting a Roof Estimate

Living in Knoxville, TN, there will come a time when your home needs a roof replacement. It’s a big project, and it starts with hiring the right roofer. If you don’t take your time, ask the right questions, and get several quotes, you may end up with a bad roof job. Don’t put yourself in that position. Know what questions you need to ask to get your roofing job done right.

Ask to See the Contractor’s License, Insurance, and Bonding

Not all roofing contractors and companies are bonded, but all of them should be licensed and insured at the very least. Licensing means that a contractor is skilled and is legally able to work on your roof in accordance with state and local laws. No license? No current license or expired license? Don’t hire that contractor.

Insured means that the contractor carries liability, medical, business, and personal insurance. All that insurance means that if the contractor and/or his/her crew are injured in the line of duty on your roof, you don’t pay for their medical expenses. If someone missteps and falls through your roof, your contractor is the one that pays to fix that. It’s personal protection for them and their business, and home protection for you. Good contractors will have no problem showing you their proof of insurance.

Bonded means they have someone backing their work so that when they promise to complete your roof replacement by a specific date, the bonding agent makes sure the contractor follows through. While it’s not necessary to have a bonded roofing contractor, it is an extra perk to get your roof completed by a specific date.

Ask for Warranties

Some roofers and roofing companies are GAF certified, which means that a GAF roof is installed on your home and comes with a warranty. If your chosen roofing contractor is GAF certified, or lists him/herself as a GAF Master Elite roofer, ask about the warranties and GAF roofing products he or she offers. The warranties on these roofs offers extra peace of mind for the next few decades that you live in your home.

Always Ask for Itemized Estimates So You Can Make Comparisons

It helps to see where one roofing company charges more than another. Always ask for an itemized estimate for the roofing job so you can easily compare and contrast between the estimates you receive from different contractors. Then you can make the best decision for your roofing needs.

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